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against fleas and worms
Introducing affordable parasite control for your dog.
As a new service and sister business to Doms Doggy Detailing, I will be selling a few of the popular flea and worm prevention to help control and treat those nasty infestations that sometimes strike your furry friend.
- a monthly tablet to treat, prevent and control flea infestations.
Personally I use Comfortis with my dog for three main reasons.
1) Tablet form means I know that they have received the correct and entire dose (no squirting liquids over the floor and missing the dogs coat)
2) Internal treatment means that I can wash my dogs at any time and if its raining they can get as wet as they like without the risk of washing off any expensive treatments. (Also I don't have any liquids rubbing off on furniture or little hands causing poisoning concerns)
3) Since using Comfortis monthly I have had 100% flea free dogs!
- a monthly All-in-one tablet to treat, prevent and control flea infestations, treat and control hookworm, roundworm, whipworm and for the prevention of heartworm disease.
Panoramis is a great product because it controls all the nasties in one monthly tablet. It has all the great advantages of Comfortis but saves mucking around with extra tablets or injections.
(remember that dogs should be tested for heartworm before commencing any heartworm treatment)
- a one off tablet to kill adult fleas.
Capstar is great for pets who have a large amount of fleas on them. Within 30 mintues the tablet works to kill all adult fleas that are present on the animal (suitable for dogs and cats) This gives your pet instant relief from the itchy biters but you will need to give a monthly treatment to break the flea cycle and kill the eggs and flea larvae.
Please call 0407 746 602 for cost and more info
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